Who I am

I am a part time music producer located in Berlin, Germany. I started composing and producing music in mid 2020 in my spare time after work. I composed some own songs many, many years ago, but I haven’t really produced any tracks back then. After my re-start and after having finished my first tracks, some people around me encouraged me to make my songs public. I did not really plan to do so, but I was persuaded that a published song may make more sense than a song getting dusty on the hard drive. So – here we go!

What I Do

Many genres are catching me, and I am not focusing on any particular ones. I love diving into different styles of music – my tracks are covering elements of Funk, Soul, EDM, House, Funk, Hip-Hop, but also Cinematic and Orchestral. And tomorrow, it could be a Techno or a Country song. 😉  I am literally open for (almost) any genre, so I guess it’s fair to say that my tracks are pretty “diversified”.

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