Jaunty by Nature

I am thankful  for the positive feedback to my latest track “Jaunty by Nature” which is much carried by a funky bass line and groovy drums. I just love bass and drums but I am neither a bassist nor a drummer – BUT YOU ARE! Show us how you would play the bass or drums in my song. You can do better than me! 🙂

Let’s get funky together! I have prepared two versions of my track: One without the bass and one without the drums.

Please do!

  • Download the special version
  • Have fun and play the bass or the drums
  • Share a video of your version on social media
  • Please
    • use the hashtag #funkify and
    • and tag me

Twitter: @tomox_music
Instagram: @tomox_music

Please do not!

Please do NOT publish my song on streaming platforms or monetize it otherwise. This is just to have fun!

Listen to the special versions:

Download the special versions:

Listen to the original: